What about domestic Tranquility?

This should be a perfect question for the America First agenda.

What about domestic tranquility? About domestic Tranquility?

What do you believe about internal peace? About the reign of peace within the nation?

We established and ordained this Constitution, to create a Government that is to insure the domestic Tranquility…but what do you believe about the internal peace of the nation?

Do you consider the nation peaceful? There’s no way you possibly can, unless you’re under a rock!

But even those who would acknowledge that the Country is not peaceful…

Who is responsible for insuring the peace?

I’m sure most will say the responsibility lies with whichever group they’ve “otherized.”

If they are anti-illegal immigration, the problem will be with “those who want open borders” and with “the Mexicans.”

If they are pro-immigration, the problem will be with the “xenophobic bigots.”

Both of these might be true.

Both of these indeed can be true…right now…they both can be true.

But neither of those answers is an appropriate answer for the question posed by the language of the Founding Fathers.

It is indeed the duty of the people to ensure the peace. So yes, xenophobic bigots and leftist radicals are at work pulling us in one direction or the other.

And in an ideal world, humanity should be able to use common sense, find its way to Love and resolve these issues.

We the people are responsible for ensuring the peace. But the Government is responsible for insuring it.

Have you ever considered the difference? The implications of that difference?

It is a difference that acknowledges the fickle nature of the masses. It is the same difference that gave rise to the idea of an Electoral College…

The idea that the people would abandon the idea of Democracy. That human proclivity and propensity to sin would creep in. That the greatness and potential for greatness enraptured by the idea of America is so powerful that people will tend to try and bend the power of America to serve their selfish purposes.

And so We the People created a Government that would insure domestic Tranquility…

When all else failed. When humanity runs amuck as it is wont to do. The Government would stand as insurance.

The Founders were saying that the Government would be the People’s insurance policy that they could trust that in the pursuit of personal freedom and individual Liberty and Justice for All, when people cross one another to such an extent that either of their tranquility is endangered, the Government would step in and insure that peace is restored to We the People.

Yet, it seems that the tranquility of any and every is only endangered if and when White Society has determined the validity of that danger. And if you – White America – decide that Black people shouldn’t feel danger and have no reason to fear, then you – White America – invalidate that fear…deny that our Tranquility has been disturbed and then prevent the Government for restoring Tranquility to your fellow Americans.

What do you believe about America’s commitment to establishing a Government that guarantees that ALL of humanity – whosoever shall believe in the ideals of America, should be entitled to that Tranquility which surpasses all understanding?

Do you still believe in America? Do you believe in the wisdom of the Founders and the value of the Republic that was established?

If so, then let’s see if you can get with what I’m about to say about the common defense…alright?!?!