Maybe We’re Deporting the Wrong Ones…

Can one lose his or her Americanness?

Is there a point at which we become no longer quintessentially American?

With all the dialogue about who is and who is not American…who should and who should not be allowed to become America, what about the bigger questions…

After becoming American – whether by birth or by naturalization, whether having come in chains, holding chains or jumping over chain-linked fences (or walls) – who has and who has not remained American? Who should or should not remain American?

You see, we’ve been talking about this in a sense. But, we’ve been talking about it from the wrong angle.

We’ve been looking to deport those who have come here illegally, when this very Country was formed by an illegal invasion.

But would we give thought to deporting those who have abandoned their commitment to the self-evident truths that Americans are to hold?

Should we give such thought?

In Christianity there is a practice called excommunication. Even in the West this practice exists – albeit rarely used and when used, typically misused in order to enforce the will of Babylon.

Nevertheless, excommunication in its true form is a practice that seeks reconciliation.

The hope of putting someone out of the camp is that they would come to a place where they desire to be part of the camp again.

The father in the Parable of the Prodigal Son essentially excommunicated his son…

No…I know it doesn’t say that in the text. But if you think about it, it’s clear:

If the son was able to spend his life in prodigal living, under his father’s roof, do you think he would have left?

The father’s house was a place where you lived in accordance with a particular standard, or you were compelled to leave and find a more suitable place to live how you want to live.

But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

As for me and mine, we will remain committed to the Republic that is supposed to be America – and not just to the Flag that represents a Republic for which we have no regard…

What about you, White America?

Have you pledged allegiance?

Do you pledge allegiance simply to the Flag? Or do you pledge allegiance to the Republic that is to be a More Perfect Union, where Justice is truly and fully established…

Where domestic Tranquility is insured…not by heavy handed and authoritarian #LawAndOrder campaigns, with all out wars being waged against other Americans…

To the Republic where our common life is defended…not from some boogieman abroad, but from the real threats to our Union, which percolate violently beneath the surface – looking for a moment to express itself in the fullness of its vitriolic rage.

Do you pledge allegiance to the Republic that is finding more and more ways to damage and degrade humanity? Or to one that is promoting the general Welfare?

Are you committed to a Government that secures the Blessings of Liberty to all of those who are committed to those ideals, and to their Posterity?

Or are you simply hoping the Government would secure the blessings of Liberty for yourself, and those you prefer, at the expense of the other?

Do you still believe in America?

Or should we admit the American idea is a farce…a ruse to allow White Supremacy to thrive and reign supreme over the world?

This is not a momentary commitment, but something to which we must be committed as a people…day in and day out. So we cannot celebrate moments of transcendence, especially when those moments fail to compel White America to repent of its way and turn to the way that is committed to Perfecting this Union…until we are one Nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All!

And now we’re finally coming to why America is the only place that could ever Become Beloved Community…