My dad often says, “Thank God White folk weren’t smart enough to say, ‘We the White people’ in the Constitution!”

And he’s right…

We know that’s what the Founding Fathers meant. We know they really meant, “we the White landholding males.” And thank God they didn’t say that either! Imagine what that would have meant for the struggle for Civil and Human Rights, in America and across the globe!

If they had said that, then America would be hopeless. There could be no More Perfect Union, because a perfect union would be one where there is neither Jew nor Greek, nor slave nor free, but all are one in…right? Not a place where #OnlyWhiteLivesMatter…

A More Perfect Union would be one where “the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul; neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common,” not a place where the landed elite – and those who desire to become landholding elites – try hardest to “store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal.”

So thank God White folk weren’t smart enough to say “We the White people” in the Constitution!

And because they didn’t, it is possible for America to become a More Perfect Union…

Unlike any other nation, the thing – in founding mythology – that makes one an American is to believe in the forward progression toward that ever-distant “More Perfect Union,” not a harkening back to some period of flawed memory.

To be French…to be German…to be Ethiopian…to be Ghanaian…

At their essence and root, you will never be truly either of those unless you can connect to the historical tribes that connect the people to that land.

If you aren’t part of the Ashanti, the Ewe or Hausa

If you aren’t Guarage, Oromo, Amhara or Tigrinya

If you aren’t a Gaul, or Frank, or Visigoth

If you aren’t a Vandal, an Angles or a Saxon

Than you could never really be Ghanaian, Ethiopian, French or German. They might accept you – from time to time. But, you ain’t really one of them…because your people have no historic ties to the land – or to the people who control the land.

Yet, because of the savagery of White supremacy in America and the West, the historical tribes of this land have no right to the land, and the land has now taken on an identity that has moved far beyond those native tribes.

Yet, as tragic as that is – and it is, indeed, tragic – it makes possible for us now, the opportunity of creating Beloved Community. On paper – if not in practice – America has no allegiance to any tribe. Yet, all tribes can have allegiance to America.

The faux Nationalist & White Supremacist cry of “Blood & Soil” is just a fictional story, as Yuval Noah Harari said.

The Great Experiment of American Democracy, by virtue of the slaughter of the Indigenous Tribes of America, also eradicated any such a claim of ancient anthropologic ties to the land.

There is no longer a substantial population of Americans who can lay claim to ancient blood ties to North American soil…

And certainly, those who control the land have no real claim to the people of the land (despite Elizabeth Warren’s assertions).

All that remains is a pledge to uphold the idea of Government by the people, for the people, that effectively and efficiently delivers on the intentional promises of the Preamble.

Yet, the White tribe has claimed America as its own…that all others who come to America and embrace America are only American if the White tribe says so. And then, they are only as American as the White tribe allows them to be.

Still: America is the only Nation that could Become Beloved Community, if the White tribe still believes in what their Founders wrote.

You see, when it comes to patriotism and love of Country, we’ve been missing the salient question.

And it’s time that I pose it to you…