What Do You Really Believe about America?

Individually, we all stray from beliefs from time to time. At times, we’ll simply toss aside those beliefs…

We’ve outgrown certain beliefs…

Or, we’ve seen and experienced things that cause us to change our beliefs…to adjust and adapt our beliefs. To expand our beliefs.

Beliefs can change. Beliefs should change.

But – White America – have your beliefs changed?

And…which beliefs have change?

The beliefs about White supremacy, in all of its forms – from vitriolic to genteel? Those beliefs that undergirded the institutions that you established in order to secure this uniquely American idea about Freedom? Those beliefs that established culture and the social mores that operate therein?

Those beliefs that imply “We the White People…,” even if by God’s grace only “We the People” was written?

Or have your beliefs on the Preamble changed?

Are you still concerned with the perfection of this Union? Or, have you redefined perfection as something we must go back deeper into the wilderness to find?

Are you still concerned with establishing Justice – big J? Or are you satisfied with arbitrary and conditional justice, that is conditioned by who is in power and which Party controls the Courts?

Are you still concerned for domestic Tranquility? Or will you simply own the fact that you only care for your own tranquility…and maybe the tranquility for those things/causes/persons about which you care?

Are you still concerned for the common defense? Or will you make it clear that when push comes to shove, you will simply send your police and military forces to force us into submission to what White power has decided?

Are you still concerned with promoting the general Welfare? Or is it true that you on the Left just want to appease and control us? And, is it just true that you on the Right agree with President Trump: that law enforcement shouldn’t be too nice to us, but should rough us up more?

Who is the “ourselves and our Posterity” about which the Preamble speaks? Is it really all who who these truths to be self-evident – that all mean (and women) are created equal, and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, among which are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

Or does your faith really convince you of the possibility of securing the Blessings of Liberty by the sweat of another’s brow? In other words, do you believe that the role of the Government is – has been and will be – to secure the Blessings of Liberty for White people, then, now and into the future?

Do you still believe in the Republic for which the Flag stands?

Do you still believe in one Nation…under God…indivisible…with Liberty and Justice for All?

What do you believe?

Not what do Blacks believe about this Country…

Not, what do Hispanics believe about this Country…

Not, what do Asians believe about this Country…

Not what do the Arabs believe…

Or the Muslims believe…

Not even what do the Indigenous Tribes believe about this Country…

Your people are the ones who introduced this idea to humanity.

What do you – White Americans – believe about these ideals?

Are you – White Americans – still American?

Or do we need to start deporting you?

Now, there’s a thought. I think I’ll explore that a bit more…